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Halime Ö. Paksoy


Halime Ö. Paksoy

Çukurova University, Adana, Turkey


Prof. Paksoy is currently a professor in the Chemistry Department and the Director of the Center for Environmental Research at Çukurova University, Adana, Turkey. She is a chemical engineer who has been concentrating on thermal energy storage technologies since 1992. She serves as the Turkish Delegate of International Energy Agency Energy Conservation through Energy Storage (IEA ECES). Representing Turkey, Dr Paksoy has signed the Implementing Agreement of IEA ECES with the International Energy Agency on behalf of Çukurova University in 1995. She was the chair (1999-2002, 2010-2015) for the executive committee of IEA ECES that consisted of the delegates from 18 member states from all around the world. Halime Paksoy leads the thermal energy storage team at Cukurova University currently with two masters and five PhD students. Their main research is on fundamental and applied energy storage studies, as well as on developing thermal energy storage materials and their applications in buildings and industry. She is associate editor responsible for energy storage in the International Journal of Solar Energy Society.